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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Track the Herd? Track the Herd is a big game and turkey hunters convenience site meant to be both a data driven information and fun tool.
Why should I join and add my harvests? Adding your harvests creates and/or adds to your private personal library of your hunting success. Adding your harvest adds to the data used calculate harvest data/statistics much like individual States and Provinces do. Past and present harvests can be added.
3.  Who can see or access my harvest details?
Absolutely no one but you. Only you can recall it.  You can also print it and privately share it with you friends if you wish.
4.  How can Track the Herd harvest data/statistics help other hunters?  A hunter considering hunting a new big game or turkey in a new area can use the sites data as an additional tool along with other information from States and media.
5.  How accurate will the data/statistics be?  Hunter harvests are and will be the fuel that powers the data/statistics. Track the Herd is a work in progress. It will take time to update and make the data available.  The quicker hunters join and add their harvests, the more accurate the information will be.  
6.  What data will be available?
     -Number of male/females harvested
     -Female/male ratio
     -Average trophy score
     -Harvest weapons

7.  What is the search criteria?
     -State, Town, Zipcode, Year, Big Game or Turkey
    -Province, Town, Postal Code, Year, Big Game or Turkey

8.  How close can myself or other hunters track game and locations?  All data is limited to State/Town/Zipcode or Province/Town/Postal Code. No one can see your hunting location or any of your other harvest details.
9.  If I agree to let you feature my harvest, what harvest information will be shown?  First name, State, date, harvest weapon and details of your choosing.  We will always show you the posting and get your approval before posting.

10.  What are some of the other benefits of being a Track the Herd member?  From time to time we will have member drawings for free hunting products.  If you allow us to feature your harvest, we will reward you with a gift card.
11.  The site has a page dedicated to Solunar Best Hunting Times. Why?
  We at Hunters Help Technologies have used Solunar best times predictors for years and have found them to be a very accurate and solid tool for Tracking the Herd. In the near future we will show statistics, where available on just how accurate members harvests were compared to the best hunting times.

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